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Environmental Social Governance & Sustainable Development

Emma J Devereux: Environment & Sustainability Consultant & Researcher

How Organisations Impact the Environment, How the Environment Impacts Organisations

Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Welcome to DEVERESG, a website exploring Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and environmental sustainability. My name is Emma J Devereux, and I am an ESG & environmental sustainability specialist. ESG has emerged as a powerful framework for sustainable and responsible organisational practices. On this website, I provide valuable insights into ESG strategies, frameworks, and best practices across various industries. I delve into the latest trends, research, and case studies that highlight successful ESG initiatives and the impacts they have generated.

The future of our planet, and our place in it, depends on our ability to both predict and meaningfully adapt to climate and resource change. The twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss will be felt by everyone, everywhere- whether directly in the form of desertification, water shortage, or land loss due to erosion or sea level change, or indirectly via the loss of certain materials or ingredients in manufacturing and production. To manage and reverse these crises, first, the threat must be measurable in all its forms, second a framework must exist to answer these challenges, and third, a regulatory environment must be established to ensure success in the setting and achievement of climate goals. Breakthroughs in the natural and environmental sciences are key to tackling climate change, but so too are responsible investment and corporate behaviours and government policy. 

ESG provides a framework whereby organisations can align their strategies with societal and environmental needs, manage risks effectively, and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world. The future of organisations and businesses around the globe depend on the idea of not only "how does our organisation impact the environment", but how does the environment impact our organisation? Now, and into the future in a changing global resource base? The answer is complex and multi-faceted, requiring expertise in a range of different disciplines related to the environment, to conservation, to biodiversity, to environmental law and legislation both national and international, to project management, governance, and even sociology and anthropology. These different disciplines unite within the concept of ESG.

About Me

My name is Emma J Devereux, and I am an environmental and sustainability expert, with specialist skills in environmental sustainability, environmental science, business and strategy design, governance, project management, and sociological/anthropological research. I am uniquely placed in experience, training, education, and intellectual insight to help businesses and organisations to create a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to their operations.


To do this, I take a holistic view of sustainability, looking at all facets of an organisation including production, consumption, investment, stakeholder management,  sustainability frameworks, metrics, KPIs etc, prediction of future trends, and associated risk management and mitigation. I am also highly experienced in public engagement strategies which enables me to deliver sustainability messaging both to stakeholders and the public at large.  

Sustainable development is my passion. I believe that by taking a proactive approach to sustainability, all businesses- from agriculture to energy to manufacturing- can make a positive impact both on their bottom line and the planet- and navigate future resource change. My areas of expertise include sustainability consulting, design of environmental social governance (ESG) strategies to assess and improve environmental sustainability performance and achieve set sustainability goals, environmental assessment and reporting, risk management, waste management, stakeholder/shareholder management, data collection, data analysis, mixed methods sociological research, future trend prediction, data analytics and predictive modeling, and green technology advice. 

Environmental Social Governance



Twitter: @EcoFoodDev

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